GRRAAGGG Park Zombie Train

A minigame is a 30-second length activity of which is actually meant as an assist of a player to another player.Since it's also synonymous to assistance,it will give gold and experience as well.

Types of minigamesEdit

1. Humans are trying to form a militia in a warehouse! Destroy their ranks!

Similar to a Wall Pong game from which you had to control a zombie with a paddle to thin out humans out.As the 'ball' keeps on being caught,its speed gets faster until it has been uncaught instead of losing the game if it does.Comes in various sets,including the famous Space Invaders alien.
2.Oh no! Humans are infesting the newly remodeled park!Get rid of them.

Similar to a Snake game from which you have to move through humans and making it longer,except it can only do a curved turn and shrink the train if it hits the tail.The faster a human moves,better points will be awarded.

3.Oh no! Some zombies lost their pals in the building!Match them up!

A kind of a memory game.

Zombie train scriptsEdit

As you expand your train as humans are converted into themselves,it also speaks.

  • "Tickets please"
  • "Choo choo."
  • "Come on brother train"
  • "Zombie train"
  • "Chugga chugga chugga"